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Special Features

Low Maintenance
Indoor Cooling
Air Purifier

How to Grow?

When it comes to their soil composition, rubber plants aren’t picky. Typically, any good, fast-draining potting soil will likely do.

Water your rubber plant frequently—they like to be kept steadily moist but not soaked. Rubber plants also are vulnerable to excessive dryness and don ‘t tolerate drought well. To check if its time for another watering, check the moisture levels in the first few inches of soil— if they’re dry and crumbly, it’s time to water your plant again.

Rubber plants love lots of bright, diffused light.Plants that do not receive sufficient light will become leggy, lose their lower leaves, and their leaf color will become dull instead of glossy and vibrant.

Feed the plant a well balanced fertiliser three to four times a year.

Repot your Rubber Plant annually. Use a pot one size bigger than the previous pot.

You can propagate a Rubber Plant using two methods : air layering or stem cuttings. When propagating Rubber Plant via cuttings, get a good cutting which is about 6 inches long to ensure successful propagation.

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