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Interesting Facts

The mythological story shows that Parijatis a heavenly tree brought to earth by Lord Krishna.

The plant has the power to cure fever, intestinal sickness, and dengue.

The leaves can be made into a tonic which helps in working on joint pain, clogging and worm infestation.

How to Grow?

Flower Color
Blooming Season
Summer to early autumn
Care Level
Required Sunlight
Direct Sunlight

The potting mix must be that of 50% normal garden soil and 50% any organic compost like vermicomposting. Mix well and fill the tray.

  • It should be watered once in the morning and the other time in the evening only if the top layer of soil seems dry

In the cold season, avoid watering it regularly. ‘Avoid applying any fertilizers in winter. From the early spring season start applying two handful of any organic manure once in a month.

  • You can propagate parijat plant from seeds or from stem cutting. You can also purchase small plant from the plant nursery and then transplant it in your garden.

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