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Special Features

Low Maintenance
Increases Productivity
Improves Sleep Quality
Repel Mosquitoes

How to Grow?

Flower Color
Blooming Season
Spring to Early Summer.
Care Level
Required Sunlight
Direct Sunlight

Lavender plants prefer well-drained soil.Add some sand in the potting mixture to enchance the drainage. An alkaline or especially chalky soil will enchance your Lavender’s fragrance, while any pH below about 6.5 will likely cause Lavender plants to be very short-lived.

Lavender is a resilient plant that is extremely drought-tolerant once established. When first starting your lavender plants, keep them regularly watered during their first growing season. After that, they can handle extended periods of drought—in fact, too water can lead to fungal disease and root rot.

Although lavender plants get regularly pruned sir by harvesting the flowers, a bit of spring pruning recommended to keep your plant well-shaped and to encourage new growth.

Softwood cutting are available in the spring; hardwood cutting in the fall. both processes can be done relatively the same.

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