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Special Features

Purifies Air
Increases Productivity
Improves Sleep Quality
Indoor Cooling

How to Grow?

Well-draining based soil is perfect. Amending with sand and peat moss might be necessary to improve porousness and lower the pH of the soil.

Like many palms, areca palm likes moist soil,but they are sensitive to overwatering so let the soil or mix dry out slightly between watering..

Bright indirect light, Too severe light can scorch the foliage. Bright light exposure from south or west facing window do the best.

Requires from spring to early fall with a liquid fertilizer,following label instructions.Don’t feed during winter when the palnt is dormant.

Areca palm like a somewhat cramped container with example with drainage holes. Repotting is done during spring.

Cut an offshoot from the plant and re-plant it(faster method)
Germination from seed(Slower meathod)


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